Friday, January 1, 2010

Good Religion Foundation to Solve Juvenile Deliquency

Now, we are in globalization era, the era with rentan to juvenile deliquency. Because of that, we must really pay attention to the factors that stimulate the juvenile deliquency. In the Internal fact, teenagers hve problems about body and soul. Meanwhile, in the External fact, teenagers always face stand opposite challenges and disturbance in social life. Because of that, as grow as teenager, if they don't have good religion foundation, they will break down to be a good teenager.

This mather caused by more repeatedly bad behaviour sample, that conflict with religion norm and social life. Can be from TV, or in society. The example is : entertainment from TV, it is full of hardness, self conceited, and murder, it is always watched by teenagers every day. Meanwhile in social life, we can also see negative factors from TV, like stylish and teenager's behaviour.

We can see juvenile deliquency more and more every day. Some teenagers, either outside of school or inside of school, the teenagers that involved in drugs, drunks, smoke, and wrangle. Especially undisciplined in class so it can disturb studying process.

So, I can take the conclusion,
to solve juvenile deliquency, the teenagers must have good religion foundation and study to realize disciplined, so that they escape from negative behaviour, that useful for school and sociality.

Okay, guys..
I think that's all... keep yourself from negative behaviour..
thanks for your attention & I appologize if I have something wrong with this article.

Wassalam !!


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